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Cleaning For Your Health |  Home and Office

Do you have one of those really big, filthy, completely disorganized cleaning jobs to get after? Worse yet, is it your house?

You can tackle it quickly and efficiently, you just need to get organized and know “how” to approach cleaning a big job, room by room, and through each room. Here’s how! 

Make a checklist

First, make a checklist. Put on there everything you need to do. If it looks too long just keep adding items. 

Take it with you in your pocket for every room and a pencil, too. The idea is to cross off everything you finish so you get a great sense of accomplishment as you move through the house. It also reminds you of things you might forget so you never have to go backward. 

Always start at one end of the house and work your way to the other. If its multiple stories start at the top and work your way down. If it’s one level, start in the bedrooms and work your way to the kitchen. 

Cobwebs and spider webs

In each room, always clean top to bottom. Start at the ceilings with cobwebs and spider webs and work your way down the walls, windows, and to the floors. 

Wash walls, windows, and then vacuum. After vacuuming dust. When you dust, start at the top and work down. 

Be mobile and prepared. Take all your cleaning tools with you into each room. Avoid unnecessary trips back and forth. 

Unplug the phone and turn off the T.V. 

Eliminate clutter as you go, too. An uncluttered home looks better than one that is dust-free but strewn with odds and ends. 

The fresh smell

A house that smells fresh will give the impression of cleanliness. Leave baking soda on carpeting for the night to absorb musty odors, vacuum in the morning. Place natural soy candles scented with oils around the house. 

Lightly scented but not overpowering cleaners will give your house that special “nose sparkle” clean, fresh scent. 

Keep a big mat on both front and back porches to cut down on tracked-in dirt. 

Keep a basket in the kitchen for the mail, newspaper, car keys to help with clutter. 

Keep a hamper in every bathroom and in each child’s room. 

Check your checklist off at this point and you’re finished!!

Covid-19 and your health


  • Start cleaning from cleaner areas and proceed towards dirtier areas. All surfaces that are frequently touched (e.g. door handles, armrests, table tops, light switches, water taps) need to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. 
  • In public premises where people touch the surfaces, the cleaning should be done daily at least. If possible even more often e.g. between 2-4 hours especially during the epidemic. 
  • The public premises of workplaces must be cleaned using different equipment than the premises used by employees. 
  • Use a mildly alkaline all-purpose detergent for cleaning. The cleaning of sanitary facilities can be enhanced by using a disinfectant. 
  • Wear gloves to protect the hands when cleaning surfaces. Use tight-fitting disposable gloves, for example, as all-purpose gloves, or chemical resistant gloves. 
  • Carefully clean the equipment used in cleaning at the end of the cleaning process. Clean your keys, the handles of the cleaning cart, and the floor cleaning equipment and the contact surfaces of the cleaner containers with the disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner.  
  • After cleaning, the permanent gloves must either be carefully washed and dried. Disposable gloves are placed in mixed waste. Wash your hands up to your elbows with water and soap when the gloves are taken off. 

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